web series


»Are we what we feel?«


Carolyn Brenner is an intelligent and ambitious neuroscientist who is highly rational – you might even call her cold. In fact, everybody does. Along with a team of cutting-edge researchers, Carolyn has had a potential scientifi c breakthrough: they succeed in developing a drug that induces emotions. Now Joy, Love, Fear, Anger, and the entire range of human emotions can be experienced by taking a pill. The team is ready for its fi rst human trial when suddenly the project gets shut down by their boss. Determined to prove this drug works, Carolyn makes the irreversible decision to begin the human trial on herself.
What begins as scientifi c research intended to help humanity, gradually becomes a solution to Carolyn’s own life’s problems. However, taking a daily cocktail of pills that induces emotions comes with side effects: her relationships with her husband, mother, co-worker, and boss spin out of control. She is forced to face the realities of her life, including her obsession and love of work, her fear of mortality, her capacities of wild sexuality, her jealousy of others and her surprising reactions to her husband’s affair.
In each episode Carolyn will pop a new pill and experience a new emotion, taking the audience on different emotional journeys.
»(e)rational« was developed during the first semester as a web series concept, in which the production includes no more than two locations and five characters.


Michael Grießler