European Showrunner Programme

Training, Mentoring, and Industry Talks on Showrunning in Europe

The European Showrunner Programme (ESP) is truly unique in its content and scope. The programme consists of two elements:

Training and Mentoring: The European Showrunner Training is a part-time training and mentoring programme. It is designed for experienced European series writers and offers comprehensive insights and featuring key skills for showrunners in Europe.

Industry Events: The European Showrunner Think Tank is a series of industry panels – both online and at major industry events – which provides a platform for exchange and discussion aiming to further develop, define and eventually establish the showrunner approach in Europe.

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The ifs is a leading full study and professional training institution. Since 2013, the ifs has been offering the MA Serial Storytelling – Europe’s first and only master’s programme focusing on collaborative writing for series. Furthermore the ifs has more than 20 years’ experience and an excellent track record in providing high-quality training for audio-visual professionals in Germany and international.